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Want 7 proven steps on how to become a software engineering manager? Or what about an effective communication tool to track your teams progress over time? Listen in as we answer these questions and explore ways to grow your career with actionable steps, become a more effective engineering manager, tips on giving effective feedback and much more.

Our guest today, Mitra (pronounced Myth-raa) Raman, is a Sr. Engineering Manager at Glossier in New York City. She is always posting great actionable advice on twitter and is a force of nature becoming an Engineering leader and manager in just two years after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelors in computer science.

She has worked at Amazon, has founded her own direct to consumer business - The Buttermilk company, managed an engineering team at Ro, has consulted for 10+ e-commerce businesses, is an angel investor, and was nominated for Geekwire’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In her free time she is a co-host on a podcast, writes product reviews, is a die hard Beyonce fan and a pop culture guru.

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