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When was the last time you got frustrated writing code? How about sad? What if I told you learning how to recognize and harness your emotions would make you a better engineer and a better coworker? Today on the show we explore the journey of a Senior Software Engineer, how emotions make us better developers not worse, things you should do to be a better teammate, a peak into life at Netflix and more.

Our guest, Jenn Creighton, has worked at companies like ClassPass, Apollo GraphQL and has been a guest on the React Podcast, has spoken at many conferences including React JS Girls: the Conference, React Conf, and JS Conf Mexico. She is also a co-organizer for useReact NYC.  Currently she is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix working in the developer productivity org, host of her own podcast - single threaded, and truly a positive force in the tech community.

Jenn will be giving her Debugging in JS talk IN PERSON at React Miami April 18-19 and Reactathon in May - Don’t Miss It!!

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