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What do Goldilocks and Engineering Management have in common? The “just right” strategy can be used to motivate and grow employees. Tune in today as Drukwerkdeal Engineering Manager, Jelle Smeets, from Apeldoorn Netherlands walks us through this management theory and other ideas on employee motivation. We also talk about applying scrum methodologies, simple ways to avoid burnout, the importance of getting to know each other’s cultures, and learning in public.

As a kid, Jelle discovered engineering through his love of Dragonball Z and dove head first into building his own HTML fan site. His passion for solving puzzles lead him to become a full time software engineer with a Bachelors in computer and information science, to a certified scrum master, to now an engineering manager where he sees himself as a football (soccer) coach and strives to lead by example. Jelle is also a fair-weather runner, a blogger and a gardener.

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