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You know that feeling when you are in the zone and time seems to standstill? You’re on fire, completely focused, and distractions vanish? That feeling is FLOW.  In today’s world with constant interruptions and demands on our attention, achieving flow can feel impossible. But what if there was a way to cultivate this state and optimize your productivity? That’s where “flow as a practice” comes in. It’s the art of getting in and staying in that magical flow state.  We are joined today by a Flow Experience expert to help us understand what Flow is, why it’s important for our joy, ways we can achieve it and more.

Our guest, Arty Starr, has been a software engineer for over 20 years doing work in various areas like semiconductor factory automation, supply chain optimization, data pipeline automation and helping companies identify and solve their biggest problems with data. Today she is a recognized Flow Experience expert, researcher, speaker and thought leader, and author of the book Idea Flow: How to Measure the PAIN in Software Development. During the pandemic our guest decided to get her PhD at the University of Victoria, where she is now a researcher at CHISEL - The Computer Human Interaction & Software Engineering Lab, working with Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey.  Her thesis project is developing a theory of Developer Flow, and the two cognitive processes of Momentum and Troubleshooting.

She is also the founder of FlowInsight, helping developers thrive and find joy through more time in the flow state.  Additionally, she is on the advisory board of CodeScene, a painter, a 2D/3D animator, and is working on a new play-based approach to learning coding and animation with a 3D character, called “Learning with Fervie”.

Our guest believes that we as software engineers are the magicians of this world because we can bring our dreams to life. When our guest is not finding ways to bring the invisible to the forefront, and bring joy and hope back to our work, she is spending her time outside, hangin’ with the trees.

Enjoy the conversation!

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