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Products are designed and created for their users right? Well at least they should be. A 2021 McKinsey Global Digital Sentiment Insights survey sites that 56% of users of digital services state they are dissatisfied by the user experience.  Today, we are joined by Satyam Kantamneni, a master of design thinking to shed some light on why this might be and to share his insights on how we can create user-centric organizations that leave users delighted while also driving business growth through the practice of User Experience Design.

Satyam, has a Bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Osmania University, an MS of Human Factors Engineering from Wright State University, has attended Stanford, the School of Design Thinking, and received his Executive MBA from Harvard Business School.  He is currently the Managing Partner and Chief Experience Officer at UX Reactor.

He has developed and curated the PragmaticUX framework, which is a scalable, consistent, replicable, and measurable approach to innovation in a digital world.  A subset of the framework is captured in his book:  User Experience Design: A Practical playbook to Fuel Business Growth

As our guest says Good Design is Good Business. Enjoy our conversation!

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Show Notes and useful resources:

  • User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth
  • Bv.d = m.p.p.e; Business value by design = Mindsets, Process, People and Environments
  • The Experience Value Chain
  • The 5 Mindsets
  • Design is Business - Google Design Presentation by Satyam
  • Collaboration Trinity - Magic happens when you have an Experience Strategist, a Product Owner, and an Engineering Architect
  • As apart of Experience Transformation, everyone in your organization should be able to tell you four things: 1. Who are your top users; 2. What their top 5 pain points are; 3. What the org is doing to solve these pain points; 4. Knowing how the organization measures outcomes
  • You should be collecting 3 research Insights: formative, sensorial and validation
  • Formative: collecting insights on biggest user pain points
  • Sensorial: collecting continuous real-time data about my users so I can adjust in real time
  • Validation: collecting insights around where I have solved my top user pain points
  • The power is knowing your user, tracking their journey, and constantly delivering user delight

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