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When you think of Kubernetes or Docker, I bet empathy is not the first word that comes to mind. Today, I am joined by, Kelsey Hightower whose passion it is to bring empathy to work everyday and we talk about how to reframe our approach to building tools for humans, learning from the physical world, config management, containerization and more.

Kelsey earned his CompTIA A+ certification and began his career working at BellSouth installing DSL. He has worked at Puppet Labs, Monsoon Commerce (where he wrote his open source config management library Conf’d ), and currently he is a Distinguished Engineer, Google Cloud.  He is a leading expert and advocate in Kubernetes and is known in the tech community as the explainer and chief of Kubernetes having spoken at many many conferences and even co-founding the Kubernetes-focused KubeCon conference. He is also a published co-author of the book Kubernetes: Up & Running.

He likes to say he is a SysAdmin who can code and a big part of his day is spent elevating people. Enjoy our conversation!

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Show Notes and useful resources:

  • Meet Kelsey
  • Kelsey’s book: Kubernetes: Up & Running
  • “If there is a problem do what is necessary to solve it no matter what”
  • “You do your best work when you are at your best”
  • Brian Grant - Chief architect of Kubernetes
  • Kim Bannerman - People first empathetic leader
  • “A 10x engineer can make 10 people better - level up the people around you”
  • “Always seek to understand why you do what you do”
  • “Continue to grow by observing the world around you and make adjustments so you can make an impact”

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