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There are so many different types of career paths in the world of software, how do you know which path to take? Would you like wearing many hats (not just software), working for yourself and being exposed to lots of different types of tech? If so, maybe software consulting is the right path. In today’s episode we are joined by a React Native Mobile consultant who will answer questions like how do you put yourself out there to become a consultant? How do I know I have the skills necessary? What skills should those be? And much more.

Our guest today, Matthew Holland is a long time friend of mine and just an all around stand up guy. We met in coding bootcamp at the University of Texas at Austin and immediately connected through our love for music. He is a big advocate for people experimenting and gaining experience through internships and hands-on experience and is currently a Senior React Native Mobile Consultant working for himself. Previously, he has worked as an engineer for companies like Sam’s Club, EverlyWell, and the Sumo Group. He has also helped to build mobile apps for companies such as Pella Corporation, Univision, and Downtowner.

He grew up playing classical piano and is now exploring the realms of jazz. When he is not helping teams solve their technical problems or playing piano he is often battling through a MADabolic workout class, learning to cook a new Thai dish, reading nonfiction, or traveling.

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Show Notes and useful resources:

  • Craig Silverstein - first Google employee - offered advice to students to build something to solve a problem you are interested in.
  • phind.com and ChatGPT
  • Number 1 place for leads = LinkedIn
  • Skills that have helped Matthew succeed: Curiosity, self-motivation, ability to identify most important tasks, and being comfortable with ambiguity
  • When assessing if a contract is right for you, talk to the team members, ask about the cadence of the team (scrum/agile etc), and look at the codebase
  • One way to maintain a codebase is writing the right tests
  • “Listening to Kenny G” - the HBO Kenny G documentary
  • React Native - learn once, write anywhere
  • Harvard Study on Happiness- Number one predictor of happiness is having good relationships with people
  • A study of musicians and the brain - jazz vs classical

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