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The tech landscape is exploding with AI tools to help you automate all sorts of workflows like code completion with Github Copilot or personal assistants like Chat GPT. But what about if you are a content creator with hours of recorded video content, what tools exist for you? “Content is King” so you have to be putting out diverse content continuously. What if you had a tool that automagically creates blogs and tutorials from already recorded video? Well you are in luck because we have just the tool for you…enter Contenda. Today we have the dynamic, inspiring, multi hat wearing founder and CEO of Contenda to tell us all about how it works and ways it can help you automate your content pipeline.

Our guest, Lilly Chen, confounded the Colorado College Esports where her team won the first ever NCAA Division 3 championship and she built a retention product for twitch streamers at a hackathon that went viral and helped a Twitch streamer break a Guinness world record for most subscribers to a stream. She was a software engineer at Midgame building voice assistants for gaming which was acquired by Facebook, she has built machine learning infrastructure for Facebook Reality Labs, is a Member on the Board of Trustees at Colorado College and now runs an AI startup.

On paper her career trajectory might seem straightforward but she has had her share of adversity. Off paper her story is one of struggle, self reflection, perseverance, triumph and inspirational to all. From dropping out of high school, to becoming a buddhist monk, to a college graduate, to a startup founder, our guest is trailblazing the AI world so hit play to hear her amazing journey.

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