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When you design and build a web application for scale, you need to make a lot of decisions and small details can add up to create massive impact. So when you build a web application how do you know what framework to use, which cloud provider to choose or database solution to use? Relational, Document, Graph? You may also need users to login to your site but how do you authenticate them? Do you use sessions, JWTs, or third party authentication? How do you scale and support millions of users?  We are joined today by an engineer whose passion it is to solve these exact questions and come up with solutions for designing scalable software systems.

Our guest today loves tinkering and building products from scratch. Growing up he was fascinated with Leonardo DaVinci and the machines he built, watching many history episodes on the topic. His love for software started over 10 years back when he took a web dev course on HTML, CSS and VB script where he built a website that helped others create websites, it was a “create your own website” type website. He went on to earn his degree in computer science from University of Pune in India. He started off as a UX engineer, after which he switched to exploring the Data Science domain for a brief period and slowly migrated to designing scalable systems for startups and other companies. Currently he is working as a Software Consultant at a company named Sahaj.ai

When our guest  is not designing software or architecting solutions he is traveling, reading, watching movies, playing soccer and cooking. He is a big foodie and his favorite meal to make is Biriyani (a rice dish). In his words he was born a nomad and wants to explore the world.

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