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TypeScript here, TypeScript there, everywhere a little TypeScript! Grab your cloak and wand and join us on this wizarding journey!! That’s right today’s episode is all things TypeScript. We dive into TypeScript and uncover its true power of catching errors early, running anywhere javascript does, and giving you type inference all with the help form a true master of the language. We also touch on different ways to think about imposter syndrome and ways to grow your audience as a content creator.

Our guest today, Matt Pocock, hails from the greater Oxford area in England and is an educator, content creator, software engineer and a TypeScript Wizard. He has a Master of Arts in Practice of Voice and Singing from the Guildford School of Acting and was a public speaking coach and British Accent trainer prior to his software career. He has built a voice training app called VoiceHacker Accents available for Android and a VSCODE extension to help learn TypeScript.  With his deep study of the English language it is no wonder he has taken to the deep study and teachings of TypeScript. He has held many developer jobs over the years and his most recent was as a developer advocate at Vercel (the company behind Next.js). Currently, he is a full time TypeScript instructor working on Total TypeScript, the most comprehensive TypeScript course available on the web.

When Matt is not teaching the world how to wield the TypeScript wand he is big football fan and playing board game

“Expecto patronum”!! Summon the Patronus Charm of hope and happiness and TypeScript here we come!!

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Fun Phrases you may have heard and their American equivalent:

  • “It’s pants” = It’s bad, rubbish
  • “Bang on Rails” = Terrific or marvelous
  • “I can’t be asked” = I can’t be bothered

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