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In today’s digital world you must have an online presence to be effective. Not only a presence but a unified, beautiful, and fast user experience. How do companies achieve consistency across thousands of pages? How do different stakeholders across the organization gain visibility into the capabilities of a system? One way is through a single design system which essentially is a set of standards intended to manage design at scale using reusable components and patterns. Today we are joined by a guest who has first hand experience at crafting such a system for the financial giant Intuit. Join us as we dive into the importance and complexities of building such systems, the journey of our guest and how she found  the role that straddles multiple worlds to bring unification across an organization.

Our guest today, Kelly Harrop, has held positions as both a designer and an engineer for companies like Intuit, Fossil, USAA and Tekzenit, giving her a unique perspective into the technical creation process. Her journey into tech is anything but ordinary, she has been a professional Guitar Hero player and a video game model. Currently, she is a Principal UX engineer at Intuit crafting design system solutions for complex frameworks.

When Kelly is not designing beautiful experiences and building usable systems she is playing video games including her current favorites, Overwatch and Elden Ring, and drinking cold brew.

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