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Have you used Google search today? Or listened to music recommended to you? The results and suggestions you receive from these types of services are powered by Data Science. In today’s world, big data and insights are the new currency. While it’s the machines that ultimately do the number crunching and provide the data, it’s the human touch behind the scenes that make it all possible. In today’s episode we explore the field of Data Science and Machine Learning and how it permeates every walk of life and the endless possibilities it provides.

Our guest today, Ryan Valenza, is a scientist through and through. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics and Math from University of Maryland Baltimore County and his Master of Science in Physics from the University of Washington (PhD). He has held roles as a Data Engineer and Data Analyst at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and as Chief Data Scientist at Stackline, an e-commerce startup. He recently began a new job as the Director of Machine Learning at Bungie. If Bungie rings a bell it should, they created the gaming franchises of Halo, Destiny and Marathon to name a few.

When he is not teaching machines how to interpret data he is a big gamer himself with origins in Donkey Kong Country, a runner and an adventure planner for his three year old daughter.

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