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How are you ensuring your employees are happy and will stay with your company? Your employees are the most important piece to your business and as such you must learn what they want in their and career and enable it. In today’s discussion we focus on empathy as the future of business in tech, why it’s important for developers to gain business acumen for greater success in their role, how a new product, YugaHQ, can help companies predict and prepare for employee turnover and much more.

Our guest today, Kiran Kanakadandi, has an Electrical Engineering degree from Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology in Hyderabad, India, a MS of Computer Science from Clemson and has published a thesis on Graph Theory. He began his career as a kernel and distributed systems developer at NetApp and has also worked as a Principal Product Manager for Kony Inc. Our guest is a 2 time startup founder, founding Potatop Technologies and is currently serving as the founder/CEO of YugaHQ, an employee retention SaaS. Kiran believes empathy is the best business model. He is the author of a US Patent for the design on how to intelligently up convert and down convert data structures while upgrading versions of distributed hardware systems. He is also multilingual, speaking 4 languages, enjoys listening to deep Indian classical music, American classics like Towns Van Zandt, and is a movie trivia buff.

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