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A Software Architect’s role is to contain complexity and an Engineer’s role is to manage optionality, but what is a Product Owner’s role? To perform at your best you must understand your value creation responsibilities. In this episode we’ll explore the primary responsibilities of key roles in software development, the three crucial values that provide significant boosts in morale and productivity, the meaning of technical empathy, foundational principles of leadership and more.

On today’s episode I am joined by Jeff Doolittle, a Software Architect who has designed software systems for over 25 years. Jeff is a transformational leader providing developer leadership and mentorship to software professionals. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, and a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership. As co-founder and CTO first of a boutique software consultancy, then as CTO in a SaaS start-up serving the Agriculture industry, he has gained deep and broad industry experience. In his free time he plays guitar and spends time with his family. Jeff’s ongoing mission is to channel his expertise, experience and energy toward his driving passion: to help make good software professionals great!

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