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You just hired a new engineer. How do you reduce their time to productivity? How do you give back hours of time to engineering leaders spent prepping and training the new hire? You examine your onboarding process and you use Pathlight to help.

Today’s show marks the 10th episode of Building With People For People!! I am very excited for our show today as we explore how a pre-med molecular biologist found her way into software and is building a startup addressing the software talent bottleneck. We also discuss proving your product through an MVT (minimum valuable test), the importance of diverse backgrounds, and how each of us can work together to create a more inclusive tech landscape.

Our guest, Lizzie Matusov, had the startup life in her blood at a young age when as a kid, she and a friend started a dog walking business. She began her software career working on open source for Red Hat and has worked at Invitae as a Full Stack Engineer and Technical Product Manager. Currently, she is the co-founder of Pathlight, a product helping technical teams hit their goals and grow faster by re-imagining the onboarding experience. Additionally, she is an MS/MBA Candidate at Harvard Business School and Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has spoken at conferences, describes herself as a community builder, is a plant lover, and is on a mission to change what it means to be a technologist for the better.

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