Why do we build software? How can we improve ourselves in our work and our products?

Hi! I am your host Nigel Finley and these questions set the stage for my conversations on this podcast. I think as humans, we build software together; to enhance, improve, optimize and make our everyday lives better.

In each episode, I have a conversation with software engineers, designers, creators, educators, and entrepreneurs about their unique journeys into and relationships with the tech world. We focus on software related/software adjecent topics and discuss projects they are working on.

I believe that each person’s life and career experiences contributes to the diversity and creative input of products they build and my hope is that through dialogue and in sharing of experiences we can learn from each other, grow and build even better products for one another. And maybe just maybe, the answers to the questions: Why do we build software? and how can we improve ourselves in our work and our products themselves? will be revealed.

Topics discussed include Accessibility, Software Development, Software Leadership, Architecture, Javascript, Python, Crypto, DevOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment, Software Mentoring, Soft Skills, Testing, Entreprenuership, Documentation, Web3 and much more.